Welcome to the Society of Police Futurists International!

Serving the Law Enforcement Community since 1991


Welcome to Police Futurists International (PFI).

PFI was founded in 1991 to foster a community of leaders and change agents within public safety agencies internationally. Over the years PFI has formed strong partnerships with agencies, advanced training facilities, universities and related groups, establishing a strong network internationally.

PFI is comprised of a diverse group of academics and/or subject matter experts in a wide range of fields, agencies and cultures. Members of PFI have been promoting and evolving futurists thinking because it is an invaluable discipline which can be used to interpret, anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing technical, cultural and geopolitical landscape of today’s world. Futurist theory fosters a broader, deeper analysis of emerging trends through an historical and multi-cultural lens with the goal of maximizing or mitigating the possible long term impacts of current technical innovations, social-economic movements and shifts.
Please take advantage of our email list discussion, blog, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts to share your knowledge and perspectives in a collegial, peer review style forum. Join us in helping to shape the best future possible.  

Glen Mills
President, Police Futurists International